Oct 24

When Things Go Wrong…

CAD 001When doing last minute preparations¬†for Customer Appreciation Day, I realize that I have to clean out my upright freezer – I have no choice. The door won’t shut completely and it’s half full of ice. I have no other place to freeze the ice ring for the punch. So, that’s what I did for four hours on Saturday morning. That’s okay – it had to be done and God is in control of all circumstances.

That chore is completed and everything else is falling into place. My mom has arrived to spend the night, so she can be here to help. The spiced crackers are questionable. I followed the recipe, but the crackers seem a little oily. So, we decide to take them out of the plastic bags and put them on paper towels on cookie trays to drain them. We check them the following morning and they are much better. We bag those up and put the last batch on paper towels to drain. I don’t want to run out of food.

The only thing left to do is to pick up the cake after church. Ann and Sylvia are suppose to arrive about 12:30 to cover the tables and set out the food,… So, off to church we go. We go to our Sunday School Classroom and no one else is there; then I remember that today was the Joy Breakfast for all the Senior Adult Classes. We had already eaten but we go there to visit and my mom had a cup of coffee. We go to worship and then out for a quick lunch. I check my cellphone on the way to Sam’s Club to pick up the cake and there is a message from them. Their printer is not working; they can’t put my photo on the cake. By now it’s after 12 p.m., so I call them to see if they decorated it at all yet. I tell them to do it like the butterfly cake. By this time, I’m in the front of the store headed for the far corner of the store. I make a bee line for the bakery to see if they need anything else from me. No, there good. So back to the front to get a cart and then I have to wait. It’s okay; I tell myself. God’s in control; He knows all things.

I watch them decorating the cake as fast as they can and decide maybe what I was going to put on the cake was too wordy. So I tell them, “You don’t have to put Quilts by Lucy on the cake, just put Customer Appreciation Day.” Fewer words, may get me out of the store faster. I finally get the cake and look for a short line. I discover that they have a self-checkout. One of their employees helps me checkout and I’m on my way. Mark and Mom are looking at a car; oh, well. We get home; Ann and Sylvia are waiting. I quickly unlock the studio. We cover the tables, bring in the cake, put out the food,… Soon it’s 1:30 p.m. and we are ready. People begin arriving, right on time. Some bring quilts; some bring friends; one stopped by with her grandbaby. We eat cake and punch. There are spiced crackers and nuts. I’m hanging quilts, taking pictures, taking down quilts, and repeating the whole process. There’s a card table outside with quilting magazines for the taking. People mill around visiting, trying to stay out of the pictures of the quilts. My mom is taking photos with the quilt maker with their quilt, while I’m taking photos of the quilts by themselves. Things don’t really slow down until about 3:15-3:30, when everyone, but those helping me, leave. One more person came after that and she stuck around to help clean up. We started cleaning up a little bit before 4:30, but that’s when Sylvia noticed that Customer was misspelled on the cake. It said “Cusmtomer” Appreciation Day. Oh, well! The cake still tasted good and I don’t know if anyone else noticed it or not, but… Like I said, God’s in control and I’m really glad I didn’t notice it until after the party was over. That was one less thing I had to worry about.

We had a great time. Twenty-three people signed the guest book; if you add me and the baby it makes 25. Although it seemed like more than that sometimes. I didn’t get to visit with people as much as I would have liked to, especially those I hadn’t met before. Hopefully, they will come back when things aren’t as crazy. And, hopefully, they had a good time!

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