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Oct 21

God’s Revelation to John

The instructions for the Center/Title Block of the Revelation Quilt are available at largeblock-center. Now the instructions for the entire quilt are available on the website.  

May 04

Revelation ends; God wins!!

Block 83: Revelation 22:12

These are the final three regular blocks that go with in the Revelation Quilt. They are from Revelation 22. You can download the patterns by clicking on the following links: Block82    Block83    Block84   This is the title block for the quilt it is approximately 12″ x 36″. The pattern and instructions for constructing it will …

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Apr 11

What’s Your Choice?

These are the quilt blocks that go with this weeks lesson in Bible Study Fellowship. I urge you to take a look at the scriptures associated with each block and see if you have made the choice you really want for all eternity. To find a Bible Study Fellowship class near you, go to Patterns …

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Mar 16

Revelation 18

Here are the quilt blocks that go with Revelation 18. You can download the patterns by clicking on the following: Block62    Block63  

Mar 08

Revelation 17 – The “Beauty” and the Beast

These are the blocks that go with last night’s lecture on Revelation 7. Here are the patterns for these blocks: Block59    Block60    Block61  

Feb 16

Revelation 14

Here are the Quilt Blocks that go with the BSF Lesson we heard last night. You can get the patterns for the blocks by clicking the corresponding links: Block45  Block46  Block47  Block48  Block49

Feb 02

Revelation 13 – Two Beasts

Block 43: Revelation 13:1-2

Here is my interpretation of the two beasts described in Revelation 13. Read it for yourself and see what you think! You can get the patterns for these two blocks by clicking on these Block43 and Block44.

Jan 19

Revelation 10-11

Block 34: Revelation 10:1-10

Here are my interpretation of Revelation 10-11, John is commanded to eat the scroll that is in the hand of the mighty angel, and yet to keep secret what the Seven Thunders have said. God’s witnesses prophesy for 3 1/2 years before being killed and then resurrected 3 1/2 days later. The 7th trumpet sounds …

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Jan 11

Seventh Seal Initiates Seven Trumpet Judgments

Block 23: Revelation 8:1

Here are the quilt blocks that go with Revelation chapters 8 and 9 which we studied this week in Bible Study Fellowship. You may download the pattern for these blocks by clicking on the following links: Block23 Block24  Block25  Block26  Block27  Block28  Block29  Block30  Block31  Block32  Block33

Jan 05

Revelation 7: An Interlude

Block 19: Revelation 7:1-3

                                              You may view or download the patterns for these blocks by clicking on the following links: Block19   Block20   Block21    Block22              

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