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Dec 16

Revelation 6 – Six seals are opened

Block 13: Revelation 6:1-2

Here are the quilt blocks from my Revelation Quilt that go with this weeks BSF Lesson on the opening of the first 6 seals. You are welcome to download the patterns and make a quilt of your own.   Block13 Block14 Block15         Block16 Block17 Block18

Dec 02

Worthy is the Lamb

Block 11: Revelation 5:1-2

                      The patterns for these blocks can be downloaded by clicking on the following:  Block11  Block12

Nov 18

Revelation 4 – A Glimpse of Heaven

Large Block 1: Revelation 4

This large block represents the glimpse of heaven God showed John in his vision and that John recorded for us to read in Revelation 4. This is what we studied in Bible Study Fellowship this week. You may download for the block by clicking on LargeBlock 1.

Nov 04

Revelation Quilt General Directions


General Directions for making this quilt are found by clicking this link. Layout for this quilt is found by clicking this link.

Oct 27

Revelation Quilt – Blocks 9 & 10

Block 10: Revelation 3: 14-22

The patterns for these blocks can be viewed and/or downloaded by click on the following: Block 9       Block 10

Oct 19

Revelation – Blocks 6-8

To view or print a pattern for these blocks click on the following: Block 6 Block 7 Block 8    

Oct 14

Revelation – Blocks 4 & 5

Revelation blocks 4 & 5 are now available. Click on the link to download or print. Block 4 Block 5

Oct 14

Revelation – Blocks 1-3

Block 2: Revelation 1:11-18

The patterns for Revelation Blocks 1-3 are now available. Click on the link to download. Block 1 Block 2 Block 3

Feb 07

Ugly Quilt???

An ugly quilt? One of the things quilt guilds often is to have a challenge. I find this rewarding and challenging. It’s exciting. There is a particular challenge that I’d like to share with you. I’ve done this in two different locations – Ohio and Alabama. Each person brings in an “ugly” fabric from there …

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Dec 12

What Happened??

Magic Button

Quilt Path is very precise and works well when you know how it works. The programmers have even built in a way to “fix” a pattern when something mechanical happens — the bobbin thread runs out, the top thread breaks,… The “Repair Pattern” button brings up all of the options that you need. There is …

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