Revelation Patterns

Please note that these patterns are slightly different from the pictured Revelation blocks because they were created after the quilt was and they were created on the computer. Also, the original quilt had blocks that were 8″ square, whereas these blocks are 6″ square. For those of you non-quilters you need to cut your background squares at 6 1/2″ so that there is 1/4″ seam allowance when assembling your quilt.

Click to view or print the pattern for Revelation and/or the General Directions and Layout.

Block 1     Block 2     Block 3     Block 4     Block 5     Block 6     Block 7     Block 8    Block 9      Block 10

Block11    Block12    Block13    Block14    Block15    Block16    Block17    Block18   Block19     Block20

Block21    Block22    Block23    Block24    Block25    Block26    Block27    Block28   Block29     Block30

Block31    Block32    Block33    Block34    Block35    Block36    Block37    Block38    Block39    Block40

Block41    Block42    Block43    Block44    Block45    Block46    Block47    Block48    Block49    Block50

Block51    Block52    Block53    Block54    Block55    Block56    Block57    Block58    Block59    Block60

Block61    Block62    Block63    Block64    Block65    Block66    Block67    Block68    Block69    Block70

Block71    Block72    Block73    Block74    Block75    Block76    Block77    Block78    Block79    Block80

Block81    Block82    Block83    Block84

LargeBlock 1     LargeBlock 2   largeblock-center